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Health & Fitness Mobile (HFM) turns your mobile phone into a personal trainer by delivering free fitness training programs directly to your phone. The system enables users to record their workout progress on their phones while resting between each exercise set. For Facebook users, the information is sent to a Leader Board where users and their friends can compete and track their progress.  If a user starts falling behind, the system will send text message alerts to the user and their friends. These messages will motivate the user to continue with their fitness programs. HFM is the only company in the world offering free interactive fitness programs on mobile phones. The company’s iPhone web app. has been designated as a ‘Staff Pick’ on

The mobile portal ( delivers training programs designed in partnership with Twist Conditioning, which is led by veteran NHL trainer and renowned athlete conditioning specialist, Peter Twist. Programs range from functional strength to weight loss to sport-specific conditioning. Each program is available in image and video formats that show fitness models demonstrating exercises with proper form and technique along with trainer tips and encouragement.  Designed with the health club experience in mind, the mobile portal enables users to record their workout progress during the natural rests taken between each exercise set. 

HFM’s mobile fitness portal is launching concurrently with the new HFM Facebook application – the first application of its kind to be fully integrated with Facebook Mobile. Results logged on users’ phones are updated in real time on users’ HFM Friends Leader Boards on Facebook. The system can also send SMS alerts to the user’s friends. These alerts are designed to motivate users to complete their fitness program and to hold them accountable. While this service is only available on Facebook, the company is planning to expand to other social networking websites.

Free workout programs delivered to your mobile phone.
Facebook application that hold user accountable and allows him to compete with friends.
Text Message alerts in case one of the users falls behind on their program.

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