Hex has brought two wallet cases — Icon Wallet ($50) and Solo Wallet ($40) — to the iPhone 6. Icon Wallet is a genuine leather folio-style case. It includes three card slots and a cash pocket on the inner flap. A plastic shell within the folio holds the iPhone and provides minimal coverage, and an elastic strap wraps around the case to keep it shut. Solo Wallet is a genuine leather shell case, with two card slots on the back. The case leaves the bottom and top of the iPhone 6 mostly exposed, and offers no button coverage.

Icon Wallet is very similar to Hex’s former Axis Wallet for iPhone 5 (review). It’s also similar to many other wallet folios, though it does offer a nice leather look. Whereas we’re not huge fans of folio cases in general, we prefer a button or magnetic clasp, as opposed to the elastic strap seen here. The included card slots work well. Multiple cards can be stored in each slot, but if you’re adding more than two cards to each, they can be tough to pull out for a transaction. Cards remain secure, as does any cash stored in the inner pocket.

Solo Wallet is a sadder tale. The first thing you’ll notice, other than the complete lack of button coverage and port protection, is that the leather shell case doesn’t quite seem to fit the iPhone 6 correctly. After multiple attempts to fit the phone properly, we still found the bottom corners to be slightly exposed near the screen — which means there’s effectively no lip to help protect the screen, either. The two card slots, located on the back of the case, are tighter than those found in Icon Wallet — even putting two cards in one slot is a tight squeeze.

Icon Wallet is a good option for those who really want a wallet folio case for iPhone 6. The tried-and-true design won’t blow any minds, but it securely holds cards, cash and the phone, and it looks nice while doing so. It earns our general recommendation. We can’t recommend Solo Wallet to anyone — even those interested in a slimmer wallet case. The fit is off and protection is almost non-existent.

Our Rating


Icon Wallet

Below Average

Solo Wallet

Company and Price

Company: Hex

Model: Icon Wallet, Solo Wallet

Price: $40-50

Compatible: iPhone 6