Review: Hub International Prizm for iPad/iPad 2

Known primarily for its HandStand case for the iPad 2, Hub International has expanded its product offerings with the release of Prizm ($30-$35), an aluminum stand for the iPad and iPad 2. Available in ten colors — with the nickel and gold variations costing $5 more than the others — and looking looking like something out of Star Trek, it’s made from two flat blade-like pieces, with one fitting into the other at an angle to create the cradle. Assembled the stand is about six inches deep, six and a half inches wide, and five inches tall. It supports tablets in either portrait or landscape orientation, but only for viewing, not for typing.

Review: Hub International Prizm for iPad/iPad 2

Review: Hub International Prizm for iPad/iPad 2

Prizm may be valuable to those who need to carry around a stand, but don’t have a lot of room to pack it. The two flat pieces take up very little space when disassembled and are quite light, making it convenient to throw them in a bag or even some sleeves. While none of the points are sharp, some users will find the metal-on-metal sound that occurs pretty much whenever the halves are in contact grating, and we’d be careful about using the stand on easily scratchable surfaces. We were even a bit wary of setting the iPad 2’s metal back against it, if only because of a natural aversion to the materials rubbing together.


Review: Hub International Prizm for iPad/iPad 2

Review: Hub International Prizm for iPad/iPad 2

We know that Prizm’s sci-fi design won’t appeal to everyone, but for some the easily-packable stand will be a worthwhile solution for displaying an iPad or iPad 2. The addition of a typing angle would certainly add to the value, and we hope Hub International figures out someway to do this while maintaing the same fair price point. In its current state, Prizm is worthy of a limited recommendation. It’s not for everyone, but those who do have a need for the stand and like the look will appreciate it.

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Company: Hub International


Model: Prizm

Price: $30-$35

Compatible: iPad/iPad 2

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