Gear Guide: i-snake mp3 holder

Gear Guide: i-snake mp3 holderGear Guide: i-snake mp3 holder

The i-snake is the latest in mp3 player holders that offer the user the ability to place the player almost anywhere, hands-free.

Constructed with 27” of flexible yet durable gooseneck metal.  One end is attached to a heavy-duty plastic clamp capable allowing the user to secure the device to almost any structure that is less than 1 ¾” wide (table, desk, cabinet edge, lounge chair arm, loft, night stand, bed frame, headboard, elliptical machine, golf cart, lawn mower, you get the idea ). 

The other end of the gooseneck is a durable vinyl clad mp3 holster.  It will hold Apple’s “iPod” (iPod and nano models), Microsoft’s “Zune”, Sandisk’s “Sansa”, pretty much anything that dimensions around 4 x 2 x 0.5 inches.

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