Review: iBattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6

Very few iPhone battery cases seem to offer removable batteries anymore, so Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6 ($100) certainly fills a void. Refuel Invictus (also referred to as Mojo Refuel Invictus) includes a thin 3200 mAh battery, which can be swapped out. iBattz sells a charger/power bank kit ($30) separately — it includes a battery and a charger for said battery. The case itself offers coverage for the sleep/wake button and volume controls, and comes in silver, space gray, or gold to match the color of an iPhone 6.

Review: iBattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6

Refuel Invictus uses a two piece design. A back shell can be removed to install an iPhone 6, and it’s also how you get to the battery. The thin battery can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. It’s a clever design that doesn’t add much bulk. A power button for recharging can be found on the bottom of the case next to the headphone port. The micro-USB port is located next to the speaker port, and a thin LCD strip on the back of the case shows how much power remains.

Review: iBattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6
Review: iBattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6

The design is thoughtful enough, but where Refuel Invictus really wows is with its battery performance. The case gave our iPhone 6 a full charge in 2:09. And while iBattz claims the case can offer 120 percent extra power, we found it bested those marks, as Refuel Invictus delivered another 29 percent charge after a partial depletion, for a total of 129 percent.

Review: iBattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6
Review: iBattz Refuel Invictus for iPhone 6

We’ve seen a few great battery cases so far for iPhone 6, and this effort from iBattz joins their ranks. Though it’s a bit more expensive than some of those options, Refuel Invictus is a solid case with excellent battery performance, and the ability to swap in another fully charged battery for an extra $30 is a big bonus. Some users who rely on a heavier battery pack to get their iPhone 6 through a day — or two — might be better served using Refuel Invictus.

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Company: iBattz

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