Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5


We’ve seen companies add wallets to iPhone cases in a number of different ways, but one of the simplest methods is putting a slot or pocket on the back. That’s just what id America has done with Wall St for iPhone 5 ($35). Coming in black, brown, navy, orange, red, and white variations, the case is made of genuine leather, and offers a fair amount of protection.

Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5

Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5

Wall St is a simple, lightly reinforced frame. The iPhone is inserted from the top, which means that edge is fully exposed. The sides, and most of the bottom, are covered though; the big exception is the two bottom corners, a common compromise with this style of case. Port access is handled with simple openings, including four- and six-hole arrays for the microphone and speaker, respectively. Imprinted + and – signs mark the volume buttons through the leather. Wall St also frames the display, helping to protect the glass screen if you happen to drop your phone. We found it to be a bit too wide, though, overlapping the screen and Home button more than we’d like.


Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5

Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5

The slot on the back of the case allows cards to easily be inserted. Once in, they stick out a bit, but not past the edge of the phone itself. We found that, although you can jam more in, up to three cards fit comfortably. A thumbhole allows them to be pushed out; we found it just as easy to pull them by the exposed edge.


Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5

Review: id America Wall St for iPhone 5

$35 is a relatively low price for a real leather case, and the wallet adds functionality without taking away from aesthetics, or adding any bulk. A better case would offer more thorough protection, and that’s our biggest concern here. We know from experience that exposed metal leads to dings and dents, and that’s why we try to avoid it when possible. id America did a pretty good job doing what they could with the style though, earning it a general recommendation.

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Company: id America


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