Gear Guide: iDisguise Peppermint Nano Case


Gear Guide: iDisguise Peppermint Nano Case

iDisguise, LLC has introduced a new approach to protecting your iPod® and other digital gear from theft, disguise it!  While other iPod security products call attention to the device, iDisguise aims to avoid it.  Today, iDisguise released two new anti-theft cases that are designed to look like candy tins while securely holding an Apple iPod.  By disguising your gear in what seems to be a candy tin, it will not appear to be something worth stealing.

Disguised to look like candy mint tins, these fresh cases will act as a theft deterrent while also protecting your iPod from scratching or dropping. The cases are made of high quality tin metal and lined with a high density EVA foam to securely hold your Nano in place. The finger notch in the foam allows for an easy way to remove the iPod.

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