Review: iDoodle2 by Josiah Larson

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Based on the popular iDoodle web app for the iPhone and iPod touch, iDoodle2 lite (Free) and iDoodle2 ($3) are fairly full-featured drawing applications.

Review: iDoodle2 by Josiah Larson

The paid full version adds the ability to use photos as a background, a text tool, the ability to save in-progress images and work on them later, an eyedropper tool, gradients, and adjustable pen softness; the two apps are otherwise equals. A main menu lets users start a new doodle, save the current doodle to the photo library or doodle gallery, open the doodle gallery, edit the background, replay the current doodle, turn the auto-save preference on and off, and access the user guide.

Buttons on the main drawing screen for tools, line, and fill settings actually all lead to the same multi-pane box, making two of the buttons redundant; buttons for zooming in on the image or opening the menu are also found along the bottom.

iDoodle offers a number of common drawing tools, including pen, line, rectangle, oval or custom shapes, an eraser, and on the paid version, the text and eyedropper features. Users can adjust the color of the line or fill by picking from 16 pre-determined colors, or by tapping an advanced button that uses RGB sliders to choose the color; the paid version also lets users pick two colors for gradient fills.