First Look: iFixit Thirsty Bag

Dropping an iPhone or iPod in water is one of the quickest ways to destroy Apple’s pocket devices, and there’s little you can do to fix if it that happens. iFixit’s Thirsty Bag ($10) is the only professional solution we’ve come across; think of it as a more sophisticated version of the old “bag of rice” trick.

Inside the sealed paper bag are desiccant beads that draw the moisture out of the device and lock it in. If you immediately toss your water-damaged device in the bag and let it sit for 24 hours, iFixit claims there’s a good chance it’ll be ok.

First Look: iFixit Thirsty Bag

We’ve tried handmade versions of Thirsty Bag using silica gel and had mixed results in the past, once completely recovering a waterlogged iPhone 4, and once failing to do so with a submerged iPhone 3GS; if you find yourself needing this, good luck!

First Look: iFixit Thirsty Bag

First Look: iFixit Thirsty Bag

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Company: iFixit


Model: Thirsty Bag

Price: $10

Compatible: All iPhones, iPods