Review: ifrogz Fitz Headphone Adapter for iPhone

Though they don’t require lengthy reviews to explain, iPhone headphone port adapters are a necessity for fans of earphones or headphones that pre-date Apple’s mid-2007 mobile phone: the recessed headphone port requires either an especially small, thin plug or an adapter with such a plug at one end, and an open 3.5mm port at the other. Many companies have released these sorts of adapters; today we look at options from DLO and ifrogz.

Review: ifrogz Fitz Headphone Adapter for iPhone

Sold for only $8, ifrogz’ Fitz is a white- or black-colored headphone port adapter for the iPhone, enabling you to use the recessed iPhone headphone port with larger-sized headphone plugs.

The company notes that it includes three pins on its plug to accommodate microphone-equipped headsets as well as ones without microphones, and that Fitz also helps you use big headphone plugs on narrowly-tailored iPod cases.


Review: ifrogz Fitz Headphone Adapter for iPhone

ifrogz’ inclusion of the third pin is an interesting but not incredibly necessary addition to its design: relatively few 3.5mm stereo headsets existed prior to the iPhone, even fewer of which iPhone users would care about, so Fitz will—like other adapters—primarily be useful for those with microphone-less earphones. That said, only DLO’s competing Headphone Adapter and Headphone Splitter products offer the same third pin feature, so if you’re looking for the ability to adapt an old microphoned headset to the iPhone, Fitz is one of few available options.


Review: ifrogz Fitz Headphone Adapter for iPhone

At $8, and given its small size and flexibility, Fitz the first option we’d recommend to our readers if they’re looking for an iPhone headphone adapter; there’s nothing funky about it, and it does what it’s supposed to do regardless of the headset you attach. The only way you’ll do better for the price is to get something similar for free with an iPhone case, and since that’s a rarity outside of SwitchEasy Capsules, consider Fitz a solid pick if you need its functionality.


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Company: ifrogz/Reminderband


Model: Fitz

Price: $8

Compatible: iPhone, iPods*