Review: iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPod nano 4G

It’s a tradition: every new iPod quickly winds up with a large assortment of new silicone rubber cases, and the fourth-generation iPod nano is no exception. Today, we’re reviewing nine new rubber nano cases from seven different companies — as well as a few related second-generation iPod touch cases from the same companies — picking the great, good, and OK options from the collection. As all of the cases cover the nano’s sides and back, we’re going to focus largely on key differentiators in other aspects of their protection, style, and pricing. This review covers iFrogz’ Silicone Wrapz for iPod nano 4G ($10).

Review: iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPod nano 4G

Screen Protection. Our samples arrived with no included screen protection, but due to a web site reference to screen protectors, it’s unclear whether users will be receiving screen film or not. We can only review what we receive, which puts Silicone Wraps in the deficient category in this regard.

Click Wheel and Button Protection. You can purchase a sticker-styled Click Wheel cover for an additional $3 with the case, bringing the total price to $13. iFrogz continues to offer a huge variety of different sticker options, but they’re not included with the case at its base price.


Review: iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPod nano 4G

Top Protection. Like all of its competitors reviewed today, Silicone Wrapz has a hole for the Hold switch. It’s as small as it can possibly be for the switch to be accessible, which we liked.

Bottom Protection. The case is fully open on the bottom, making it compatible with Universal Docks, cables, and headphones of all sizes.


Review: iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPod nano 4G

Style, Colors, and Bulk. Silicone Wrapz is available in 10 colors—all of the nano rainbow, plus clear—and uses the same general styling as past iFrogz rubber case designs, featuring stylized screen outlines, Click Wheel accents, and a back with dots and a frog logo. These features, and the case’s unusual shape, which transforms the fourth-generation nano into a more brick-like, 2G-nano-esque rounded box, add to the case’s grip, though the smoothness of the rubber is a counterbalance. We’d call the case a bit better than generic in looks, but nice in feel.

Other Pack-Ins. No other pack-ins are included with Silicone Wrapz.


Review: iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPod nano 4G

Pricing. The single biggest selling point of Silicone Wrapz, as with prior versions, is the aggressive $10 asking price—$13 if you include screen protection. This year, the base model is the least expensive iPod nano case we’ve yet seen, though Incipio’s dermaSHOT offers a similar $13 bundle, and while neither design is our favorite, the color options are numerous here. Had Silicone Wrapz included screen protection, it would have rated our high recommendation; as-is, it’s a strong B+ on value, and an especially good case for younger users.

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Company: ifrogz/Reminderband


Model: Silicone Wrapz

Price: $10

Compatible: iPod nano 4G

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