Review: iGolf by SGN

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We have yet to be really impressed by any of the iPhone’s golf games, and the two we look at this week continue that trend. Yet iGolf (Free) from SGN just manages to squeak out a decent rating by offering an interesting experience at a price tag of zero dollars.

Review: iGolf by SGN

Review: iGolf by SGN

Unlike the other titles we’ve tried, iGolf doesn’t provide a complete golf course, 2-D or 3-D models of trees, or even a full bag of clubs.

Just like iBowl, it’s streamlined for one major purpose: to show off the iPhone’s accelerometer-based controls. At any given point on the three holes or driving range that are included in the title, you swipe the screen to choose the general direction you’re aiming in, press a “SET” button, then swing the device itself to send the ball flying. It obliges with a very simple, not-so-realistic 3-D zoom through the course, showing you where the ball has landed, and letting you choose from between three types of clubs for your next shot.


Review: iGolf by SGN

Ultimately, iGolf could become a real game with only a couple of tweaks: offering the player information on how powerful each of the clubs is, and then offering a little more control within a more realistic—wind, elevation, obstacle-laden—environment. For now, it’s just a demo of how golf could work on the platform, with brighter graphics and a more streamlined interface than other titles we’ve seen, but we’d actually be interested in seeing a full-fledged version of this one. iLounge Rating: C+.

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Company: SGN


Title: iGolf

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Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches