Cutely named, the iH20 (think H2O) Hidro-Fi is a shower-ready speaker for the iPod, nano, and shuffle, with similarities to iHome’s earlier iH19. Using two side latches, iH20 seals shut with your choice of iPod inside, connected either via the Dock Connector port (most iPods) or an auxiliary input port (iPod shuffles), and provides battery- or wall-powered music from two integrated speakers. You’re warned (through not entirely perfect English) not to connect the included wall adapter when Hidro-Fi’s being exposed to water; rather, you drop four self-supplied AA batteries in when you’re using it tubside. The wall power port’s sealed with rubber to prevent leaks. Notably, it’s designed to be hung from a shower hook or rod, not submerged or floated on a watery surface, and its front-mounted buttons give you only simple track and volume controls rather than true iPod interactivity; the Atlantis Music Showcase is an alternative, at roughly twice the price.

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Company: SDI Technologies/iHome


Model: iH20

Price: $80

Compatible: iPod 4G, 5G, mini, nano, shuffle*