Although IK Multimedia has traditionally focused on a lineup of affordable studio and recording accessories for iOS devices, the company has also ventured into a series of cases and stands aimed at studio and other professional recording environments. IK Multimedia’s new iKlip A/V combines the company’s focus on mounts and recording accessories, with a professional mount and grip for anybody doing serious broadcasting work with an iPhone, providing not only a place to mount and hold an iPhone, but also bringing IK Multimedia’s exceptional audio engineering experience to bear in providing a professional microphone interface as well.

Review: IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

On the surface, iKlip A/V is essentially a mount and grip that can hold an iPhone, iPod touch, or just about any other smartphone. The very well-designed expandable bracket that we first saw in the iKlip Grip last year is also included here with iKlip A/V, which can grip onto any iPhone or similar device from 2.13” to 3.58” wide — basically anything from an original iPhone to an iPhone 6s Plus with all but the very bulkiest of cases — and is rubberized on the inside with enough spring tension to hold the iPhone tightly and securely. A standard 1/4”-20 camera mount on the bottom of the bracket allows it to screw onto the main frame, but both the frame and the bracket can be used with any other photographic accessory that uses a common camera mount.

Review: IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

iKlip A/V goes beyond a simple mount and grip, however, adding an entire audio pickup system for using an external professional mic. While modern iPhone models do a great job of recording video by themselves, the built-in mic leaves a lot to be desired if you’re trying to do professional recordings. Leveraging IK Multimedia’s audio engineering expertise, iKlip A/V incorporates a microphone preamp, complete with XLR input and phantom power, so you can use any high-quality external microphone or wireless microphone receiver of your choice; a bracket is even included that clips onto the front of iKlip A/V to hold a wireless receiver. An included 1/8” TRRS cable connects from the other end of the iKlip A/V to the iPhone’s headphone/mic jack, transferring the audio stream directly into your recording app.

Review: IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

Two AA batteries installed in the grip handle provide 48V phantom power where it’s required, which can be toggled on or off using a switch on the back of the grip. Gain control and a headphone jack for monitoring audio can also be found on the back of the handle, along with a multicolored LED for monitoring audio levels and a LED to show phantom power status.

Review: IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

We like what IK Multimedia has done here, not only designing a nice stable grip mount for iPhone recording but also including advanced audio processing hardware to facilitate the use of an external mic and integrating it all into a relatively attractive and ergonomic package. That said, while podcasters or journalists on the go who use an iPhone for professional broadcast-style video recording may not be at all phased by the $180 price tag of iKlip A/V, it’s a little harder to swallow for even serious amateurs who might just be looking to improve their own video recordings, placing iKlip A/V solidly in the territory of “Pro” accessories.

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Company: IK Multimedia

Model: iKlip A/V

MSRP: $180

Compatibility: All iPhones + iPod touch devices


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