With the proliferation of iOS devices, the need for multi-device charging solutions continues to grow. New from iLuv is RockWall Combo ($50, aka iAD710), a uniquely-designed charger made to support a pair of Dock Connecting Apple devices. Unlike many recent models however — including smaller, less expensive car solutions — that duo can’t be two iPads, at least not if you expect full speed charging.

Review: iLuv RockWall Combo iAD710

Review: iLuv RockWall Combo iAD710

Elegant, RockWall Combo is not. Between our editors, the phrases clunky and overly complex were both used to describe it. Collapsed, the white and grey plastic charging block measures about 2.5″x2.25″x1.25”. Its blades can be flipped down for travel or storage, and exposed when it’s time to charge. Depending on the orientation of your outlets and whatever else you have plugged in though, the charger may not fit. To solve this issue, iLuv made it so that the plug flips up 90° when the round aluminum buttons on either end are depressed. Despite the fact that it raises away from the body when released, it’s not a pneumatic system. Squeezing those buttons also allows for the release of the adapter itself, which can be swapped out for self-provided international plugs.


Review: iLuv RockWall Combo iAD710

Along the edge are the two USB ports; one is labeled “iPad” and puts out a 2.1A charge, with the other says “iPod/iPhone” and only supplies half as much power. While this may be fine for the average individual user, it’s not as useful for families with multiple iPads and seems behind the curve based on the technology that currently exists. Like most dual chargers, RockWall Combo only comes with one Dock Connector cable; the user must supply the other one. A neon green clip is built-in on one side for cable management, and a light on the front glows to let you know the charger is receiving power.


Review: iLuv RockWall Combo iAD710

Review: iLuv RockWall Combo iAD710

RockWall Combo strikes us a limited and overly expensive option. The best feature of iLuv’s wall charger is its international compatibility, although even that is hindered by the fact that the company doesn’t include any adapters. Were they packed in, we could see some real value added. Additionally, there’s no technical reason that a device as large as this one can’t provide full power to two iPads at once, especially considering the list price. Taken all together with the less-than-pleasing aesthetics, we can’t find a reason to recommend this one.

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Company and Price

Company: iLuv (a unit of jWIN)

Website: www.i-Luv.com

Model: RockWall Combo

Price: $50

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones + Dock Connecting iPods

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