Review: Incase Designs Pouch


Pros: Pack and go simplicity. iPod protection with style.

Review: Incase Designs Pouch

Cons: None.

Incase Designs, makers of “performance-based, fashion-forward, and confidence inspired accessories” has recently released three new iPod cases. I agree with Incase, their cases are stylish and exemplify the thought and effort that goes into each case design. For the first of three Incase Designs case reviews, I’ll be taking a look at the Pouch for iPod.


The Pouch for iPod is a case of a different breed. Unlike other pouch style cases, the Pouch for iPod is a side loading design with a clever slot cut on the right side to access the audio and FireWire ports. A word of caution, when recharging your iPod, take it out of the case as recommended by Apple. Trust me, you don’t want to see an overheating iPod.

The Pouch is ideal for the active user on the go, and its design makes for easy, quick, pack and go. The Pouch does not offer full-access functionality as most iPod cases on the market do, but Incase Designs offers two other case designs, the Folio and Sleeve, for those who want more functionality and features. iLounge will review these cases in the near future.

On the back of the case features a nylon belt and plastic buckle for strapping to your belt or backpack. Also, you’ll find a handy elastic mesh pouch for storing your earphones.

Review: Incase Designs Pouch

If you’re familiar with Incase Designs’ products, such as their laptop and PDA cases, you know they don’t take shortcuts in the manufacturing process or use cheap materials. As expected, the stitching and construction methods yield a well designed and well-made case for toting your iPod.

The exterior of the Pouch is made up of a nylon weave material that gives the case a shiny, satin finish. Wrapping round the sides and bottom of the case is a vulcanized rubber grip, nicely nipped and tucked with tight stitching. There is ample Velcro on the front of the case to secure the cover flap.

Review: Incase Designs Pouch

The interior of the case features nylon mesh cloth providing a soft surface and after having inspected the inside for any rough spots, I found it safe for iPod. You won’t have to worry about excess glue or scratches showing up on your iPod while using the Pouch.


Placing the iPod into the case is a straight forward and simple procedure. Pull the flap, pop in your iPod and go. The fit is perfect. Detaching the case from your belt is easy enough as well, just press the side buttons on the buckle and it releases.

I tested the Pouch with an iPod 20GB, and it does not fit. The 20GB is just too big and results in the cover flap stretching to fully secure itself to the Velcro. All other iPod models, original and new, will fit – no problem.

Review: Incase Designs Pouch


The Pouch for iPod is built tough and ready for action. If you want a simple, no frills case, give the Pouch for iPod some serious thought. You can purchase the Pouch for $20 at your local Apple Stores or at Incase Designs’s online store.

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Company: Incase Designs Corporation


Model: Pouch for iPod

Price: $20.00

Compatible: iPod 1G, 2G


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