Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5


Incipio’s Edge CF and Edge Shine for iPhone 5 ($35) both combine features we’ve seen in past offerings from the company. The shape of the plastic slider-style body design the cases share goes all the way back to the iPhone 3G/3GS, with models for the iPhone 4/4S more closely resembling what’s here today. As the names hint, Edge CF has a carbon fiber-style pattern on the back, while Edge Shine has a brushed aluminum finish. Each Edge includes screen film, a cleaning cloth, and a plastic stand.

Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5

Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5

Both cases separate into two pieces, with the bottom inch or so sliding off when you’re ready to insert or remove your iPhone, or connect it to a dock that doesn’t otherwise fit. The pieces are held together securely enough that there’s no concern about the bottom coming off unless you want it to. The edge is glossy black plastic regardless of which color backing you choose, and also forms a small lip over the screen. It leaves the side switch and volume buttons unprotected, and there’s a single opening along the bottom side. The Sleep/Wake button is protected, however, by a small piece of plastic. It’s more responsive when you press it down towards the inside than the outer edge, which may take some getting used to.


Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5

Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5

With both models, the finish is an extremely thin layer on the back of the case. The materials look and feel nice, without adding bulk or weight. In our testing, there was no noticeable signal degradation because of the metallic materials, as can sometimes be an issue with such cases.


Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5

Review: Incipio Edge CF + Shine for iPhone 5

While the slider style of case design isn’t the most protective around, both Edge CF and Edge Shine offer more iPhone body coverage than a lot of sliders do, and each has a distinctive appearance. Like so many other Incipio cases, they’re benefitted by the packed-in screen film and other extras. While they’re not the most original cases the company has produced, Edge CF and Edge Shine are worthy of our general recommendation.

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Company: Incipio


Model: Edge CF, Edge Shine

Price: $35

Compatible: iPhone 5

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