Also available for the seventh-generation iPod nano, Incipio has released versions of Frequency for the iPhone 5 ($25) and fifth-generation iPod touch ($25). The cases look very similar at first glance, but upon further inspection, there are some differences other than just their slightly different shapes. Both come in a variety of opaque colors as well as a cool translucent grey, and ship with screen film sets. The iPhone model also comes with a folding plastic stand.

Review: Incipio Frequency for iPod touch 5G

Review: Incipio Frequency for iPod touch 5G

Made of Incipio’s NGP rubber, these cases share the same overall structure: each wraps around and covers most of the body of its respective device, while leaving the screen and bezel exposed, surrounded by a protective raised lip. On the back they’re decorated with the same neat design that resembles bars on a sound meter, and a depression runs from the camera hole to the right edge, an element carried through many of Incipio’s current cases. The iPhone case has a black flash diffuser ring around the iSight camera opening, while the iPod touch version does not. In our testing, this difference didn’t prove to be an issue.


Review: Incipio Frequency for iPod touch 5G

Frequency for iPod touch actually provides more coverage than the iPhone edition, but not much. Both have Sleep/Wake and volume button protection; the former on each requires a little bit more pressure than with an unencased device, but maintains most of the tactility. Along the bottom the headphone ports are open—the hole on the iPhone Frequency encompasses the microphone as well—as are the Lightning ports. Incipio left the speaker completely open on the iPhone case, but used a series of dots for the iPod touch. Additionally, Frequency for iPod touch leaves an opening on the back for the loop button and its wrist strap attachment.


Review: Incipio Frequency for iPod touch 5G

Review: Incipio Frequency for iPod touch 5G

Both versions of Frequency are straightforward, attractive, and protective; they fit in well with Incipio’s current line up. Each is a very good option to protect and decorate whichever device it’s wrapped around. The inclusion of screen film, and in the case of the iPhone case, a stand, are bonuses. For the $25 asking price, they’re great options worthy of a high recommendation.

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Highly Recommended

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Company: Incipio


Model: Frequency

Price: $25

Compatible: iPod touch 5G

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