Review: Incipio offGRID Shine for iPhone 6


We were first introduced to Incipio’s new offGRID iPhone 6 battery case family at CES, with the company’s already-released offGRID Express earning a high rating. The upcoming offGRID Shine ($90) is very similar to offGRID Express — it has the same 3000 mAh battery and is roughly the same size — but a $10 price premium offers a different design. Unlike Express, Shine is a one-piece case, with a brushed shiny finish on the back. The power button here can be found on the lower back section of the case next to its battery meter lights, and the micro-USB charging port is located on the bottom of the case. Two pins also allow the iPhone to charge through the offGRID Dock ($40), which is sold separately. The offGRID Dock is pictured below, but was not factored into the review of the case itself.

Review: Incipio offGRID Shine for iPhone 6

Review: Incipio offGRID Shine for iPhone 6

As one might expect, offGRID Shine’s battery performance was nearly identical to offGRID Express. Shine fully recharged an iPhone 6 in two hours and 20 minutes, and after we partially depleted the iPhone’s battery again, Shine recharged the iPhone another 18 percent for a total 118 percent charge. That’s two percent below our offGRID Express test, but it’s too close to really make a difference, as another test could provide slightly different results.

Differences in the design, however, do matter. We prefer Shine’s design to the cheaper offGRID Express. While the offGRID Express offers great value, we didn’t love the location of the power button. Shine’s power button is easier to use in its location. We also prefer Shine’s simpler one-piece design — no messing with a clip-on frame — and the bonus ability to dock the case with offGRID Dock. As for the shiny brushed back, well, it doesn’t make or break the case for us either way.

Review: Incipio offGRID Shine for iPhone 6
Review: Incipio offGRID Shine for iPhone 6

If you’re looking for a great battery case at a great price, Incipio’s offGRID Express will still do just fine. But for $10 more, offGRID Shine offers a better overall design, giving the case a slight edge over its less expensive brother in our eyes. Like Express, offGRID Shine earns our high recommendation.

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Company: Incipio

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