Incipio’s Stashback ($40) is a new take on the wallet case. Billed as a “dockable credit card case,” the bottom of the case flips up to accommodate docking. We’ve seen that sort of thing before, but not as much in recent years. The twist is that flipping up the case is how you access your credit cards, as well — up to three credit cards fit inside the case. From the outside, Stashback pretty much looks like any other standard iPhone 6/6s case, albeit without offering coverage for the bottom of an iPhone 6/6s. Stashback comes with a rear protective film, in case you’re concerned about cards scratching up the back of your iPhone. The case comes in black, gray, pink, or teal options.

While Stashback leaves the bottom of an iPhone6/6s exposed, it does offer proper coverage for the volume and sleep/wake buttons. The case is a bit thicker than most, though it has a smaller bump in back than most battery cases. The matte case feels good in the hand, but some may find it a bit too slick. Three cards fit inside of the case, and due to how the cards are accessed, we’d recommend keeping your most used card on top of the small stack. It’s a clever way of storing cards, and it’s also more secure than most wallet cases — the design leaves no escape for the cards unless you flip open the bottom of the case.

Stashback is an interesting option as a wallet case. Though it leaves the bottom of the iPhone open, some may welcome how easily the case allows users to dock the iPhone or plug in headphones and Lightning cables. We also think it has some appeal as a “hidden” wallet case. Unlike some wallet cases, Stashback doesn’t announce that you’re carrying credit cards or cash around.

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Company and Price

Company: Incipio

Model: Stashback

MSRP: $40

Compatibility: iPhone 5/5s/SE