Based upon earlier cases for the iPhone 4 and 5, Incipio’s new Stowaway Advance for iPhone 6 Plus ($35) combines a curvy, co-molded rubber and plastic case with a small rear compartment designed to hold credit cards or cash. Film is included to protect the iPhone’s metal back from getting scratched, and the compartment has a kickstand in the center which can flip out to position the iPhone 6 Plus for video viewing without compromising the cards held inside.

On the plus side, Stowaway Advance offers solid protection, and the button coverage is nice and responsive. Although it adds a bit of bulk — a particular concern with iPhone 6 Plus cases — it’s not as clunky as you may think. The kickstand is also a nice touch, and the price is right.

Unfortunately, despite Incipio’s claims that Stowaway Advance can store “up to three credit cards, cash or ID,” we found that only two regular cards can be stored securely, and even doing that will require a bit more finagling than we’d like. If you’re only carrying around your ID and a credit or debit card, for instance, this probably won’t be a problem, but users of wallet cases often want a bit more space than that.

Stowaway Advance earns our general recommendation. It’s still a good case for a number of reasons, and it’s one of the few decent wallet case options available for iPhone 6 Plus so far — it just isn’t quite as capacious as it should be.

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Company and Price

Company: Incipio


Model: Stowaway Advance

Price: $35

Compatible: iPhone 6 Plus