Review: Incipio Trestle for iPhone 6 Plus


We haven’t heard or thought much about ‘bendgate’ for a while — the semi-controversy in which some were reporting bent iPhone 6 Plus units — but it all came back to us at CES, where Incipio unveiled its Trestle ($40), an upcoming iPhone 6 Plus case with a box that reads, ‘Defend against the bend.’ The polycarbonate shell is bolstered by two thin steel rods running up the sides of the case vertically, ostensibly to prevent an iPhone 6 Plus from being bent. A TPU bumper makes up the rest of the one-piece case, and button coverage is included.

Review: Incipio Trestle for iPhone 6 Plus

Review: Incipio Trestle for iPhone 6 Plus

The steel rods do make the case feel solid. Whether or not they’ll protect your phone from bending in the extremely rare situation where that could actually happen, well, we haven’t pushed it that far. But Trestle certainly is sturdy, and it feels nice in the hand.

Review: Incipio Trestle for iPhone 6 Plus
Review: Incipio Trestle for iPhone 6 Plus

We here at iLounge aren’t that concerned about bending an iPhone 6 Plus. But regardless of your thoughts on the matter, Trestle is a strong case with a unique look — which you may or may not appreciate. If you wouldn’t buy the case simply because you feel Incipio is trying to prey on people’s fears with Trestle, well, we can’t really blame you. But all that aside, Trestle is a good case which earns our general recommendation.

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Company: Incipio

Model: Trestle

Price: $40

Compatible: iPhone 6 Plus

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