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A complete, ready-to-use USB analog-to-digital audio converter, the device includes everything users need to record music from their old LPs, 45s or cassette tapes to high-quality audio or MP3 CDs.  By using Instant Music to convert their collection of analog music into the crisp, clear digital audio format, consumers will enjoy more recording and playback options and can protect their old records and tapes from degrading or deteriorating over time.

Instant Music leverages ADS Tech’s award-winning USB technology to provide a high-performance, plug-and-play solution that makes it easy to enjoy old recordings with new technologies in just four easy steps: record, convert, play and burn.

To begin, users simply plug the Instant Music device into a USB port on their computer. With the stereo (right and left RCA) or SPDIF Digital Audio (TOSlink) inputs and outputs on the back of the unit, they can capture music from any analog audio source (cassette, turntable, TV, radio).
and save it as an MP3, .WAV, .WMA (Windows Media 9 Audio) or AAC (iPod) audio file. The files are then ready to be played on the user’s computer, transferred to a portable MP3 player or burned to a CD. Mac users can export directly to their personal iTunes music libraries

Record Your Old LPs and Cassettes to CD, MP3 or your iPod
Save music as MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC (iPod) audio formats
Burn professional quality CDs*
Capture from any audio source: cassette, turn table, TV, radio, DVD
Mac Users can use Instant Music with Garage Band or Sound Studio 2.1

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