Review: International Tip Calculator by Vault 13 Studios

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Called iTip on the iPhone’s home screen, International Tip Calculator ($2) from Vault 13 Studios is a fairly simple tip and check splitting utility that offers the most robust currency support of any currently available app.

Review: International Tip Calculator by Vault 13 Studios

The main screen offers fields for the check amount and the number of people splitting the check, plus three buttons representing standard or excellent service; the third is reserved for a custom percentage which is set by using the slider at the bottom of the screen. Above the slider, a small text area offers advice on how to tip in the currently selected country.

We didn’t see a feature like this in any other tip application.

The info screen lets users pick the current country with most major countries represented, toggle rounding on and off, and set the tax rate. There are certainly limitations to International Tip Calculator’s rounding and check splitting functions, but the app more than makes up for it with its strong currency support and related tipping information, which we could see being very valuable for users traveling overseas to an unfamiliar country.