Review: iPod Stands Roundup

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There are over 10 different stands on the market for your iPod. I’m going to introduce you to six desktop stands. Everything from the simple PodStand to the adjustable Metal Gear Stand.

Review: iPod Stands Roundup


The PodStand is one of those simple stands that do its job well and without fuss. Its functional design has everything you need to hold your iPod steady while recharging or syncing.

The stand features four rubber feet on the bottom for gripping the desktop and a silicone strip on the shelf (where the iPod rests) to grip your iPod. The angle at which the iPod rests are good for viewing the screen. It’s still possible to knock the iPod off the stand since there is nothing holding it on each side. The PodStand has large footprint, making it very stable on any flat surface. The acrylic surface is harmless to the iPods’ high-polished case. Since the back rest is about three quarters, the length of the iPod’s height you can keep your iPod in its case and (if it has a belt clip) clip it onto the stand …a handy feature. It’s available in clear, black and white acrylic to match your iPod.

Pros: For $14.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling (continental U.S.) you can’t go wrong with the PodStand. International shipping is also available. Fits all iPod models.

Cons: None

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Another simple stand similar to the PodStand, the PodHolder is also a bent-formed acrylic design. The PodHolder is another excellent choice for a low-priced solution for holding iPod on your desk.

The PodHolder does not come with rubber grip pads attached to the bottom of the stand, but are provided in the package if you choose to use them. There are four rubber pads on the back rest and two on the shelf. All six rubber pads grip the iPod easily while raising it from the acrylic, and it looks as if your iPod is floating on the stand.

Since the PodHolder is an open design, you can also rest your iPod on the stand while in its case. It’s only available in clear acrylic.

Review: iPod Stands Roundup

Pros: Looks good, works well and only costs $15.95 Plus $3.95 (continental U.S.) shipping and handling. Fits all iPod models.

Cons: None

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DVBaseLtd (Limited Edition)

The DVBaseLtd is one of two ultimate iPod stands available on the market. It’s not cheap, but if you want to support your iPod in sleek, luxury design, this is the stand for you.

Sculpted out of solid aircraft aluminum, nickel plated and then hand polished to a mirror finish; the DVBaseLtd stand exudes high style. Though there were early concerns of the iPod being scratched by the DVBaseLtd stand, I’m here to say officially after having used the stand for weeks, the iPod has had no new scratches. The back rest of the DVBaseLtd stand is concave and only touches the back of iPod at its edges, and unlike other stands, the DVBaseLtd is precisely machined to fit the iPod on three sides …like a glove. So, you’ll have to remove iPod from its case to use the stand. There is a thin foam pad on the bottom to avoid it from sliding around on your desktop. The DVBaseLtd stand is hardcore and stable as a tank.

Review: iPod Stands Roundup

Pros: Simple and yet elegant. Sleek and stylish. Fits all iPod models.

Cons: Expensive

Note: The DVBaseLtd is not for everyone, but if $100 isn’t an issue, get it now while supplies last. The DVBaseLtd stand is selling for $99 with free shipping (continental U.S.) and comes laser engraved with a serial number from 0001 to 1000.

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Metal Gear Stand

(Review by Tommy Crossman)

As mentioned in the DVBaseLtd review, there are two ultimate stands for iPod. Besides the DVBaseLtd, the Metal Gear stand is the other ultimate stand. It’s as rock solid as the DVBaseLtd, but not as simple.

The Metal Gear stand is every bit as functional, but with a literal twist of the knob.

First glance, the iPod stand from Power Support Japan reminded me of the Erector Set I had as a child, complete with pivoting head. Standing about 6 inches tall the Metal Gear stand is a monster of a stand. Made of steel with a baked on finish, this futuristic stand’s versatility is remarkable as it not only fits on your desktop, but it also fits into a standard size cup holder in your car. Not only does it hold your iPod, it also has space for a small FM transmitter, allowing you to enjoy your tunes through your car stereo or your home stereo. The adjustable platform pivots to any angle (30 to 70 degrees) you wish which is really handy when you’re in your car or when there is a glare on the iPod’s LCD display. An iPod in a bulky case won’t fit in the Metal Gear Stand, but if you have a Groove Jacket or similar case it fits perfectly (just don’t apply the included foam pads).

You may want to brush up on your Japanese, because the directions are completely in Japanese. If you’re like me, the photo’s on the instruction sheet are all you’ll need to place the self-adhesive foam pads that protect your iPod from being scratched. The stand is designed so the iPod must be slid into position from the top of the stand. Take heed when doing this, you may inadvertently bang a corner of the iPod against the metal stand …an obvious hazard.

Review: iPod Stands Roundup

Pros: Simply put, this is the coolest stand I’ve seen and it’s also versatile.

Cons: The only drawbacks are its price ($60) and the metal edges which might scratch the iPod.

Note: This stand only fits original and new iPod 5GB and 10GB models. Power Support has developed a second Metal Gear Stand that fits new iPod 10GB and 20GB models, but is not yet available in the U.S. The Metal Gear stand is available at Techno Warehouse LLC for $59.00.

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Metal Gear Simple Stand

Another all metal stand from Power Support Japan, but far less complicated than its big brother, the Metal Gear iPod Stand.

The Simple Stand is constructed from perforated metal and aluminum with a baked on finish, giving it a gray silver appearance. The stand’s viewing angle is adjustable by repositioning the aluminum support legs to one of four positions. The stand does not have or come with any protection pads for iPod. A quick run to the nearest hardware store for a few small adhesive rubber pads, and the problem was solved. The stand tends to slide around the desk when placing the iPod in it for a quick sync or charge, because there are no rubber pads for grip.