Gear Guide: iPod touch Retro Polysilicon case by ivyskin

Made with an innovative polysilicon material, your iPod touch will feel and look great in this sleek and stylish Retro case. It includes a 1mm scratch resistant screen protector that will enable your iPod touch to have years and years of use. When you want the best kind of protection for your hand held media device, the Retro is for you! Its sophisticated design accentuates the modern individual. The new iPod touch Retro case by ivyskin provides you the protection you need with the style that you require.

Gear Guide: iPod touch Retro Polysilicon case by ivyskin

Featuring a bumper to bumper protection for iPod touch and amazing high-graded polysilicon material, Retro Duo’s minimalist all-silicon design integrates a discrete protective screen that blends seamlessly with a durable black smooth silicon and is remarkably slim. This patent pending designed polysilicon case is the perfect fit for your iPod touch and is polished and lint free to help give you a perfect grip. You will love the way that the Retro feels and really enjoy the way that it looks on your iPod touch.

Designed from every angle, the Retro delivers on its promise to protect your iPod Touch. Made with polysillicon material, it is second to none on the market today.

We are proud to be an all American company with intensive requirements to make every product that we manufacturer superior, to the standard of what a US designed product should be.
Shock Proof LEXoN Ultra Tough 2mm thick LEXoN Polysilicon 2tone Skin that truly protects your iPod Touch from accidental drops in every angle! At ivyskin, we have an affinity to the color black. In every case that we manufacturer, you see the black back drop which maintain the lust of the product with five individualized colors: Jet(Black), Razz(Red), Royaal(Blue), Alpine(White), Pink Lemonade(Pink). Each case includes a holster clip, with its unique clip on and off design.  We offer the most easy release and install mechanism on the market!
Solid Screen Protector Unlike any hard to install adhesive screen film on the market, our ultra hard coated screen protectors are non-adhesive and easy to install, it is securely fitted on your iPhone. No bubbles on the screen.