Gear Guide: iPodStyles SkinArt iPod Silicone Cases


Gear Guide: iPodStyles SkinArt iPod Silicone Cases

SkinArt is a special silicone case that was designed to protect your iPod from minor dents and scratches while still maintaining the slim form factor and shape of the iPod.

SkinArt features an open top to accommodate accessories, allows full access to the iPod’s functionalities, and has a bottom opening for music synchronization and charging, without taking the iPod out of the case.

Each case includes a free optional belt clip, hand strap and neck strap, and is available in a variety of colors to suit your taste and lifestyle.

  • Multiple colors available

  • Compatible with iPod 4G 20GB and 40GB models

  • Screen and clickwheel protectors available as add-ons

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    Company: iPodStyles
    Model: SkinArt iPod Silicone Cases
    List Price: $9.99

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