Review: iRSSFeeds by Gregory Desmaziers

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iRssFeeds ($2) is yet another disappointing standalone RSS reader for the iPod touch and iPhone. With no pre-installed feeds, the app at first presents users with a blank feeds list; an add button in the upper right hand corner lets users enter a description and feed URL. As the app doesn’t offer feed auto-discovery, users will need to remember and correctly enter the complete feed URL for it to work, otherwise the feed appears on the feeds list with a yellow caution symbol and must be deleted to remove it — the app wouldn’t allow us to edit a feed with an invalid URL.

Review: iRSSFeeds by Gregory Desmaziers

Tapping on the feed loads the entry listing page, which features a mark all as read button at the top, the title, date, and time of each entry listed in small, cramped text, a grey dot to the side to denote unread status, and no lines between the entries, making choosing an item rather difficult. The entry view itself is sparse, with an Open in Safari button at the top, the title in bold, and the summary underneath. Lacking nearly every feature we consider important for this type of application at this price point, iRSSFeeds falls well short of being worth its $2 asking price. The addition of a syncing option, feed auto-detection, offline viewing, the ability to flag articles, a better interface, and a built-in browser would be a good start on improving this app, which is currently just a step above “complete mess.” iLounge Rating: D.


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Company: Gregory Desmaziers


Title: iRssFeeds

Price: $2

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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