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Review: iSecret v1.0.0 from Aziz Uysal

iSecret ($5) is another wallet app that provides relatively basic functionality for the price tag. Login is handled via numeric code PIN rather than a text-based password, and no intruder detection/lockout is provided, though the password can at least be changed.

iSecret supports numerous different item types and provides a number of general templates to get you started in the form of categories. These categories can be further customized, or you can add your own. You can define your own field names for each category, but no actual field types are supported—all fields are generic text with no validation or the ability to hide or mask fields.


Review: iSecret v1.0.0 from Aziz Uysal

iSecret also provides no folder structure at all. Categories are used merely as templates to define field names, and do not appear anywhere else in the user interface as either organizational or search criteria. iSecret does provide a basic search functionality for item titles, but only the actual names/titles of each item can be searched.


Review: iSecret v1.0.0 from Aziz Uysal

As with FireBox, this application does not provide anything significant or distinct for its $5 price tag, and most importantly iSecret does not actually encrypt your data. Thirty seconds with the use of the mdhelper application resulted in access to the iSecret.db file with all confidential information, including credit cards, passwords and PIN numbers in clear and readable text. Even though the developer does not specifically claim encryption, many users have come to assume that a “secure” wallet app means that at least some form of encryption will be used, a deficiency that is inexcusable in any app of this nature and actually offensive for an app with a $5 price tag. iLounge Rating: F.

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Company and Price

Company: Aziz Uysal


Title: iSecret

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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