Review: iSkin Revo 360 for iPhone 5


Silicone rubber cases have always been one of the simplest and least expensive options for iPhones. Generic models are often available as soon as, if not before, a new generation is launched, and they can be had for low prices on the Internet and at mall kiosks. Many companies have taken the style and advanced it, keeping prices low but adding their own style and, in many cases, a higher level of protection. Amzer’s Silicone Skin Jelly Case for iPhone 5 is a very inexpensive option, while Griffin’s Protector costs a little more, but looks even nicer. Revo 360 ($40) is iSkin’s silicone case for the iPhone 5. Available with a blue, black, pink, or red base, it’s the same core concept but does come with pack-ins that differentiate it, including a belt clip and a piece of its ProTouch Titan High-Impact screen film.

Review: iSkin Revo 360 for iPhone 5

Revo 360 is a one-piece case. Whereas we were impressed by the quality of the silicone Griffin used, this material feels cheaper. The base color is augmented by a black, white, or grey ring covering the bezel around these screen. On the two units we received, there were small molding problems, which we first noticed here. While the efficacy of the case isn’t impacted, seeing inconsistencies such as bubbles, rough edges, and overlapping rubber is something we wouldn’t expect. Installation is easy—just the stretch the case while you push your iPhone in—and Revo 360 rests just about flat all the way around. The ear piece, camera, and sensor are exposed through a single opening, while the Home button is covered.


Review: iSkin Revo 360 for iPhone 5

One area where this case stands out is edge protection. Not only are the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons covered, but there are also protectors for the headphone port and side switch. This is a rarity with silicone rubber cases, and even though it’s kind of difficult to lift the covers, they’re appreciated. Because it’s rubber, you can make room for oversized connectors without much issue. We also like the fact that the speakers are covered with a layer of thin rubber with holes to allow the sound through, but on both of our review units there were some unpunched and semipunched holes, and the ones that did go all the way through were ragged. It’s more of an aesthetic thing than a functional one.


Review: iSkin Revo 360 for iPhone 5

Although we see belt clips used less and less these days, we know some people still appreciate them. iSkin’s is removable, a hard plastic system that can come off if you want it to. It ratchets around 180°, allowing you to use your phone in portrait or landscape. The company says it can also be used as a video stand, but there’s no specific mode for this; it just holds your phone around 75° off your desk or table when placed properly.


Review: iSkin Revo 360 for iPhone 5

A little bit thicker than the average screen film, iSkin says Titan uses multi-layered “anti-break technology to help prevent damage to the iPhone 5’s Retina display from unusually hard impacts.” At the top is an opening for the FaceTime camera and earpiece, but at the bottom the company went with a scoop to expose the Home button. It’s perfectly clear, but you will have to wipe away fingerprint smudges from time to time. On its website and in person at the 2013 CES, iSkin illustrates the strength of the film by installing it on an iPhone and hitting it with a hammer. While we didn’t replicate these tests, the inclusion of screen film is usually a good thing, and in this case it may offer even more protection than most.


Review: iSkin Revo 360 for iPhone 5

For $40, we expect something pretty special from a silicone case, and unfortunately, Revo 360 isn’t it. There are qualities we like, such as the button and port protection and inclusion of screen film, but even if the molding were all stellar, it’d still only qualify as a good case. At the end of the day, it doesn’t look or feel like a premium option. But because it’s one of the few silicone cases on the market with a belt clip, and because it does still offer thorough protection, Revo 360 earns a limited recommendation.

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