Review: iSlots by Chris Miles

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When Griffin released the $2 title Lucky 7 Slots, we described it as “demo-quality software,” requiring “considerable added depth in order to be worth paying for.” iSlots (Free) shows just how accurate this previous conclusion was. The developer Chris Miles hasn’t just created a better slot machine rendition than Griffin’s—one that looks more like the real thing, complete with a scrolling marquee in the center, even letting you scroll up and down to see its top or bottom halves if you want. He’s giving the title away for free, and using the marquee as a promotion for other titles in the App Store.

Review: iSlots by Chris Miles

Review: iSlots by Chris Miles

Review: iSlots by Chris Miles

In essence, iSlots and Lucky 7 Slots are made from the same mold. You’re playing a simple single slot machine with no incentive to keep playing other than the questionable thrill of seeing your on-screen number of credits increase every once in a while. You can still bet one to three credits, earn only on a single payline, and stop playing whenever you want—without any way to cash your credits out for anything; a “cash out” button is actually for settings, letting you change sound settings, including either chimes or spinning sounds as the reels spin, but little else. It’s like one of those inexpensive slot machine simulations that are sold at novelty or dollar stores.


Review: iSlots by Chris Miles

Except iSlots just looks really nice. And it doesn’t cost anything. If Lucky 7 Slots was a demo with a price tag, iSlots is a demonstration of how a good free app should look and feel. Based on what we’ve seen here, we’d definitely consider buying a more fully developed version of iSlots with more machines, higher stakes, and a more complete audio portion. iLounge Rating: B+.

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