Gear Guide: iSoundz Portable Desktop Mini Speakers

When you want stereo sound from your iPod, but dont have the room for stereo speakers, we introduce the self-powered iSoundz Portable Desktop Mini Speakers.

Gear Guide: iSoundz Portable Desktop Mini Speakers

Clear crisp sound in a design that cradles you iPod, but doesnt hog your desktop (or your iPods battery charge).

Foldaway speakers make it simple to take with you anywhere.

Includes audio cable, AC adapter and even a USB charging cable so you can recharge the speakers Ni-MH battery from your notebook or desktop computer.

* Power output: 0.6+0.6Watt (RMS)
* Speaker sections: 40 mm Full range
* Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Frequency response: 200Hz 18Khz
* Magnetically shielded: Yes
* Dimensions: 154×95.5×33.5mm
* Battery: 1.2Vx3/ 600mAh / Ni-MH battery
* Includes: AC adapter and USB charging cable charge option

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Company and Price

Company: iSoundz
Model: Desktop Mini Speakers
List Price: $40