Review: iTip by palasoftware

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iTip ($1) from palasoftware is a straightforward tip calculator sporting a nice-looking main interface in different shades of blue. On the main screen is a field for bill amount, buttons to select the tip percentage (which can be changed to a qualitative slider on the info screen), including an “other” button that reveals a field to input percentage manually, buttons next to the grand total field to round up or down, presented as dollar amounts, buttons to select how many are splitting the bill (again, tapping “other” opens a field to enter a number manually), and buttons to round up or down each person’s total. Along with toggling the qualitative tip slider on and off, the info screen also allows the user to toggle tax on and off.

Review: iTip by palasoftware

With decent tip calculation and check splitting features and an interface that, while not exactly slick, wasn’t put together as an afterthought, iTip is a solid choice at its $1 price. Expanded currency support and an option to split the tax would make it even better. iLounge Rating: B.


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Company: palasoftware


Title: iTip

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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