Review: Itskins Evolution for iPhone 5c

Available in a number of different colors, including some not pictured here, Itskins’ Evolution ($30) is the latest iPhone 5c case from a company most recognized for a design language of unique curves. Made from layers of rubber and plastic, Evolution reminds us of Spigen SGP’s Tough Armor: the case includes rubber that juts out of the plastic’s back, mirroring the design of the phone itself. Screen film and cleaning tools are included with the case. As it’s very close in design to the iPhone 5/5s edition, this piece is based heavily on that earlier review.

Review: Itskins Evolution for iPhone 5c

If you put in a little effort, the rubber inner layer can be removed from Evolution’s plastic skeleton, but it certainly seems like it’s meant to stay together. Like Tough Armor, the rubber extends out to include button coverage along the edges, and leaves three openings at the bottom for access to the ports and grilles. The Sleep/Wake button becomes a little squishier than we like, but the volume buttons maintain the right level of tactility.


Review: Itskins Evolution for iPhone 5c

Review: Itskins Evolution for iPhone 5c

While the iPhone 5/5s Evolution offered a strong lineup of metallic color options, this one instead uses glossy, iPhone 5c-like shades. They don’t quite match the hues of the handsets, but they’re close, and there’s also a black version available. The finishes are quite nice, and when considered alongside the shape of the case and how well it feels in the hand, it’s not a bad option at all.


Review: Itskins Evolution for iPhone 5c

Review: Itskins Evolution for iPhone 5c

After our initial review was published, Itskins dropped the price on its earlier Evolution, so now both editions match the $30 price point of Tough Armor. That puts the two company’s cases on par, and earns Evolution for iPhone 5c a strong general recommendation. It’s an attractive case that offers plenty of protection, and is unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

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Company: Itskins


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