First Look: IvySkin Xylo Glass for iPhone 5

Many companies could be accused of “me too” copying of rivals after introducing glass screen protectors for iPhones, but IvySkin is one of few developers that have been pushing glass screen covers for years — integrated into its cases. Now the company is selling Xylo Glass ($30), a set containing a piece of 0.5mm-thick screen-covering glass, back-covering film, and application tools for the iPhone 5. Unlike glass covers we’ve previously seen, IvySkin’s comes in iPhone 5-matching white or black versions, enabling you to switch the front color of your device or preserve it as you prefer.

First Look: IvySkin Xylo Glass for iPhone 5

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Company and Price

Company: IvySkin


Model: Xylo Glass

Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 5

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