Battery packs come in all shapes and sizes, with higher capacity cells placed in increasingly smaller packages. iWalk’s Extreme 10,000 Duo ($100) is the latest example of a surprisingly svelte battery with a huge amount of recharge power. The long hexagonal tube packs 10,000mAh, and with its 2.1-Amp maximum output capacity, is suitable for powering iPads as well as iPhones and iPods. Available in black and white, the battery comes with a micro-USB cable for charging, a 30-pin cable for vintage iDevices, and a carrying bag to tote it all.

Review: iWalk Extreme 10,000 Duo Battery Pack

Review: iWalk Extreme 10,000 Duo Battery Pack

Measuring just over 6.5” long but only about 1.75” wide, the battery strays from the common brick-shape. The design makes it easy to travel with, as the pack can easily slip into small spaces in bags and backpacks. iWalk crammed all of the I/O and controls to one side. At the very end, there are two USB outputs: one 2.1A, one 1A. To one side you’ll find a micro-USB input port, and on the other, a power button. Along the top edge there are four power status lights and, as has become more commonplace on batteries than we would’ve ever expected, a flashlight. It’s certainly not a necessary feature, but then again, it doesn’t hurt. The placement and shape are reminiscent of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Review: iWalk Extreme 10,000 Duo Battery Pack

Although we’ve seen 10,000mAh batteries deliver as high as a 96% charge, the average places our expected output right around 80%. That’s exactly how much Extreme 10,000 Duo delivered to a fully depleted iPad Air, and it did so in three hours and 14 minutes. This means the battery lived up to its 2.1A promise. iPhone users should expect to be able to recharge almost five times.


Review: iWalk Extreme 10,000 Duo Battery Pack

Review: iWalk Extreme 10,000 Duo Battery Pack

There’s a lot to like with Extreme 10,000 Duo. It’s a very good battery at a fair price, and for that, it earns our strong general recommendation. We appreciate that it’s slightly different than the majority of batteries out there, but there aren’t any obvious sacrifices that come along with that. iPad and iPhone users will both be well-suited with this charging pack.

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Company: iWalk


Model: Extreme 10,000 Duo

Price: $100

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, iPods

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