Review: iWalk Extreme Spartan


iWalk’s Extreme Spartan ($100) is a bulky 13000 mAh standalone battery that’s IP66 certified, meaning it’s dustproof and waterproof, though not submersible. Spartan includes two output ports — 2.4A and 1A, respectively. It also has passthrough charging which can charge both the battery and two devices simultaneously. The battery also includes a flashlight and small loop to accommodate an included carabiner hook with compass. A micro-USB cable and Lightning cable also come with Extreme Spartan, as well.

Review: iWalk Extreme Spartan

Review: iWalk Extreme Spartan

Extreme Spartan certainly positions itself as a rugged battery, with its rubberized grip along the edges, flashlight and carabiner hook. We received a camouflage version, but there are other color options. The outputs and micro-USB input are accessible by moving a sealed panel, though the power button can cleverly be pushed through the seal to check remaining battery life or turn on the flashlight. The battery is pretty big, at 6.1” x 2.95” x 1”, and 0.85 pounds. It certainly feels solid, but not everyone wants to add that much weight to their daily gear.

It took us about four hours to fully charge an iPad Air 2, which is a pretty good showing. Extreme Spartan had enough battery remaining to deliver another 12 percent charge to an iPad Air 2, as well. Though it has two ports, the packaging notes the total output as 3.1A — which means when charging two devices simultaneously, it’ll likely charge one device at 2.1A, and the other at 1A.

Review: iWalk Extreme Spartan
Review: iWalk Extreme Spartan

iWalk’s Extreme Spartan is likely more backup battery than most people need, and it’s probably not going to work well as a daily option. But for those users looking to leave for a long trip without taking a charger along — or those looking for a battery to use periodically over the course of a week or so — it’ll fit the bill nicely, as a tough option with a high capacity, at a reasonable price.

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Company: iWalk

Model: Extreme Spartan

Price: $100

Compatible: iPhones, iPads, iPod touches

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