Review: iWalk Rugged Power Case for iPhone 6

iWalk’s Rugged Power Case ($70) for iPhone 6 is the most inexpensive battery case we’ve reviewed thus far for Apple’s newest iPhones, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on features. With a 2400 mAh battery, Rugged Power Case promises a full charge of an iPhone 6, it allows for syncing while charging as well as passthrough charging of the iPhone, and iWalk also claims the MFi case meets military drop-test standards. The case sports full button coverage — even covering the ringer switch — and a detachable plug for the audio port allows for the use of L-shaped headphone jacks. Available in black or white, Rugged Power Case comes with a micro-USB cable for charging.

Review: iWalk Rugged Power Case for iPhone 6
Review: iWalk Rugged Power Case for iPhone 6

Rugged Power Case is a two-piece case, with a removable top piece which allows an iPhone 6 to be installed or removed. iWalk claims the case is lighter and smaller than other iPhone 6 battery cases, and it is rather short and light. Despite the protection it offers, Rugged Power Case doesn’t feel bulky at all. The micro-USB input is on the bottom right side of the case, and a small button on the back is used to check the phone’s battery life using three lights. Holding in the same button starts or stops recharging the iPhone. In battery testing, Rugged Power Case slightly exceeded its claims, delivering a full charge to an iPhone 6 in 2:12. A partial depletion of the phone’s battery allowed the case to add another five percent charge, for a 105 percent total charge.

Review: iWalk Rugged Power Case for iPhone 6
Review: iWalk Rugged Power Case for iPhone 6

We were rather impressed with iWalk’s Rugged Power Case. It’s a protective case that delivers more than a full charge to an iPhone 6 for an exceptional price. Our only qualm is with the detachable plug for accessing the iPhone 6’s audio port — we found it tricky to reinsert the plug, which could become a nuisance. As a whole, though, Rugged Power Case lived up to its claims and surpassed our expectations. It’s one of the best iPhone 6 battery cases we’ve seen so far — if not the best — and it earns our high recommendation.

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Company: iWalk

Model: Rugged Power Case

Price: $70

Compatible: iPhone 6

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