Review: JAVOedge JavoClearCase for Apple iPhone

Materials aside, hard cases for the iPhone fall into three broad categories: ill-conceived, well-intentioned and nice but not great, and thoroughly impressive. Over the next day, we’re going to briefly review eight recent iPod cases that range in price from $20 to $50, and in design from one end of that spectrum to the other: four are made mostly from metal, the other four mostly from plastic. At first, we’re focusing on the plastic cases: JAVOedge’s JavoClearCase ($22) for the iPhone, Speck’s SeeThru for iPhone ($30), JAVOedge’s AlloyVision Crystal Metal Case for Apple iPhone ($36), and Otter Products’ OtterBox for iPhone Defender Series ($50).

Review: JAVOedge JavoClearCase for Apple iPhone

We have reviewed many plastic cases for the iPhone already, and their features and limitations are at this point well established: companies find it easy to cover most of the iPhone’s front, back, and sides, but struggle with what to do with its screen, top, bottom, camera, and button-style controls. JAVOedge doesn’t bring anything new to this equation with JavoClearCase, which just leaves all of these parts exposed, doing so more generously on top than many similar snap-together clear cases we’ve tested, and not providing any screen protection or other rubberized caps to fill them.

Review: JAVOedge JavoClearCase for Apple iPhone

Review: JAVOedge JavoClearCase for Apple iPhone

To its credit, JavoClearCase comes in two colors—one totally clear and one smoked clear—and includes a clear detachable belt clip and nub if you’re interested in belt mounting it. The nub lets the clip ratchet through 360 degrees of freedom in 45-degree increments, but is designed to mount on the case in a way that puts some pressure on the iPhone’s reflective rear Apple logo. It’s far from a smart design, the major reason this case rates below our flat B level.

Review: JAVOedge JavoClearCase for Apple iPhone

Review: JAVOedge JavoClearCase for Apple iPhone

As always, pricing on JAVOedge products requires a caveat: the company’s listed price of $22 may be lower when you visit the web site, though it’s been static at $22 when we’ve tested. We rate it at the standard price; consider it a better purchase if the company offers it substantially cheaper.

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