Gear Guide: JAVOEdge JAVOLeatherCase for iPod Mini


Gear Guide: JAVOEdge JAVOLeatherCase for iPod Mini

JAVOLeatherCase is a trendy way to protect your investment with a personal touch.  It is made with genuine soft leather and well constructed, and is long lasting and durable.

  • Slim slider design – Fit perfectly for Apple iPod mini.

  • Handy clip is great for attaching device to your handbag or clothing.

  • Velcro fastener securely hold device in place.

  • Device is easily attached and detached from JAVOLeatherCase.

  • Operate the iPod mini instantly and add VERY LITTLE bulk and weight.

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    Company: JAVOEdge
    Model: JAVOLeatherCase
    List Price: $24.95

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