Gear Guide: JAVOedge JavoScreen


Gear Guide: JAVOedge JavoScreen

JavoScreen is a screen guard that is extremely easy to apply and protects your iPod. Unlike other screen protectors, JavoScreen is made of non-reflective material that is same as your original non-reflective LCD display. It does not create glare after applying. Without screen protection, your LCD surface is easily soiled. JavoScreen is the ultimate solution protecting your screen from new fingerprints, scratches, dirt, oil/grease and smudges. Application of JavoScreen on your screen provides a higher degree of clarity and a non-reflective surface that may significantly prolong the life of your iPod screen. JavoScreen has been designed to work with screens without any distortion to the image. No adhesive is used to hold JavoScreen in place. It will not leave sticky residue on screen.

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Company: JavoEdge
Model: JavoScreen
List Price: $5.95

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