Gear Guide: JAVOEdge JAVOSkin for iPod mini


Gear Guide: JAVOEdge JAVOSkin for iPod mini
  • Apple iPod mini Skin Case absorbs well with daily bumps, knocks and vibration via traveling.

  • Cutouts for easy access to sync port, wheel click panel and headphone jack.

  • Protects without compromising your device’s functions: allows you to protect, view and navigate your wheel click panel without removing it from its case.

  • Anti-slip material gives the device added traction and holding comfort, preventing the device from sliding off smooth surface. (Great for placing on car dashborad)

  • Lightweight, stretchable and extremely durable.

  • JAVOSkin is washable (it may rinse under tap water).

  • JAVOSkin is available in translucent

  • Best fits your Apple iPod mini as it contours to the devices’s design

  • Cutout for wheel click panel usage. Able to operate while inside skin case.

  • Retain the sleek, thin look of your device

  • Protects and covers all edges from any scratches

  • Holds your device securely in place

  • Made of high-quality, flexible and durable silicone

  • Material easily returns to its original form from stretching and pulling

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    Company: JAVOEdge
    Model: JAVOSkin for iPod mini
    List Price: $25.95

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