Gear Guide: JAVOedge NeXskin Color Changing Skin Case

Hyper Touch Technology (HTT) is a new, never before seen on a skin case feature.  Its thermochromic dye allows the NeXskin to change color depending on the ambient temperature.  Whether you use your device in warm weather, indoors or cold environments, the NeXskin will change its color and mood with you!  Create artistic designs by grabbing your NeXskin.  The heat from your touch will change NeXSkin’s color only in the areas you touch.  Like all JAVOSkins, the NeXskin is treated with EAD (Enhanced Anti Dust).  EAD treatment enhance the feel of the case giving it a softer touch as well as reduce surface dust.  JAVOedge’s NeXskin is a new soft case that gives you full functionality of your device.  It also protects your device from everyday bumps and scratches, perfect when it is in your pocket or purse.  NeXskin is the new generation of silicon skin cases.  Why settle for a previous skin when you can grab a NeXskin!

# Hyper Touch Technology (HTT) allows the NeXskin to change colors depending on the temperature.

# Three color tones in room, cold and warm temperatures.

# Enhanced with EAD (Enhanced Anti Dust) treatment.

# Soft low-profile, designed to form-fit your device.

# Equipped with an anti-slip coating to ensure a secure grip.

# Made of re-enforced flexible silicon to protect from bumps and scratches.

# Completely washable with mild soap and water to maximize reusability.

# Detachable belt clip clicks onto a removable screw.

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