Review: JBL Clip+ Bluetooth Speaker

JBL’s Clip+ ($50) is a new, splashproof version of the company’s Clip. The small, puck-shaped Bluetooth speaker is similar in almost every way to the past version of Clip, which we found to offer great value upon its release a year ago. As with the original speaker, Clip+ promises 5 hours of playtime with its rechargeable battery. It has a built-in carabiner and speakerphone, as well as an integrated 1-foot audio cable that can be attached to the back of the speaker — this allows the speaker to plug into other sources, including another Clip+ for daisy chaining purposes.

Review: JBL Clip+ Bluetooth Speaker
Review: JBL Clip+ Bluetooth Speaker

Clip+ is the same size as Clip — about 3.5” in diameter. Like Clip, it also uses Bluetooth 3.0. We assume it uses the same 1.5” driver, as well. Again, the sound is very good for its size, and it gets reasonably loud. It goes toe-to-toe with a newer $50 speaker like G-Project’s chunky, strong G-Drop. We prefer G-Drop’s sound overall, but it’s pretty close. Clip+ is smaller, lighter, and easier to use in active situations. G-Drop is IPX7-waterproof, but Clip+ can’t be submerged — it’s just splashproof.

Review: JBL Clip+ Bluetooth Speaker
Review: JBL Clip+ Bluetooth Speaker

JBL’s Clip and Clip+ are virtually the same speaker, but there’s really no reason to buy the original Clip now. Clip+ offers all the same winning features as Clip, and adds splash protection — it also comes in more color options. It’s a nice, affordable little speaker that’s great for an outdoor trek, and it retains our high recommendation.

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Company: JBL

Model: Clip+

MSRP: $50

Compatibility: Bluetooth-enabled iPads, iPhones + iPods

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