Gear Guide: Jogphones – stereo earphones

Gear Guide: Jogphones – stereo earphones

These earphones have been designed to with stand the movement of jogging, walking, and other forms of working out.  The ear piece provides lasting comfort during the duration of your work out.  MP3 players can be worn on the bicep or hip (with the 17 in. extension cable that is included) with the added comfort of clips to attach to your shirt to reduce swinging and disturbance while you exercise.

Technical Specs:
-Input: 25 mW / maximal 40 mW
-16mm cobalt-magnetic drivers
-Sensitivity: 110 +/- 3 dB by 1 kHz,
-Resonance: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
-Plug Type: Standard 3.5 mm Stereo gold pin audio jack

-High-quality stereo earphones with 77 cm cable
-44 cm extension audio cable
-5 variable and removable crocodile type cable clips

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