We’ve tested our fair share of 10,000mAh battery packs at iLounge, and Juno Labs’ Juno Power HUE Pro ($60) is the newest addition to the list. What differentiates the HUE Pro from the rest of the packs, however, are its dual USB port outputs and its LCD status screen. Given our tests, this bulky aluminum battery pack could be a welcome addition to charge your devices on the go.

Review: Juno Labs Juno Power HUE Pro

Review: Juno Labs Juno Power HUE Pro

The HUE Pro packs its 10,000mAh lithium ion battery into a sleek aluminum shell. We were able to recharge our drained iPad Air to 87 percent on a full charge in three hours and forty three minutes, which is pretty much on par with other 10,000mAh battery tests we’ve conducted. The HUE Pro provides more than enough power to keep your iPad charged for a typical weekend of use. But bear in mind that recharging the HUE Pro took approximately six hours. The dual USB outputs are a feature that really puts the HUE Pro ahead of other 10,000mAh battery packs, especially at the price point. Touting one 5V 1A port and one 5V 2.1A port, the HUE Pro will ably charge any current iOS device.

Review: Juno Labs Juno Power HUE Pro

The LCD screen on the HUE Pro is a welcome addition to the battery pack. Indicator lights on other units are usually fine, but sometimes a bit clumsy in terms of accurately displaying the remaining charge. The Juno Power Junojumpr, for example, uses four indictor lights to display the remaining battery; within half an hour of testing the indicator, the lights showed the pack was down to fifty percent. This couldn’t have been right, as the pack lasted several hours longer. The HUE Pro, in contrast, gives clear cut remaining charge information down to the very last percent; a beneficial feature for a battery pack aimed at users on the go. Juno Power’s HUE Pro comes with a Micro-USB to USB cable that can be used to recharge the pack with a variety of adapters.

Review: Juno Labs Juno Power HUE Pro

The Juno Power HUE Pro packs a lot of punch. We don’t often find a dual USB port 10,000mAh battery pack that also features an accurate LCD screen for $60. The LED flashlight isn’t the greatest, but that’s no great loss considering the perks here. While the HUE Pro is a bit bulky, the unit isn’t outrageously large for what users are getting. Juno Power claims the HUE Pro can be recharged 500 times before losing any efficiency; that’s a lot of long term power for a great price.

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Company: Juno Labs

Model: Juno Labs Juno Power HUE Pro

Price: $60

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, USB-powered iPods