Review: Just Mobile AluCable Flat

Available in gray and black, gold and white, or black and blue, AluCable Flat ($20) is Just Mobile’s latest premium Lightning cable, following the rest of the AluCable family. Unlike those options, this one is noteworthy for more than just its looks, yet doesn’t cost any more than a cable from Apple. Measuring 4′ long, the cable between the two aluminum-capped ends is flat to prevent tangling. It’s also designed to be case-compatible.

Review: Just Mobile AluCable Flat

Review: Just Mobile AluCable Flat

Review: Just Mobile AluCable Flat

We measured AluCable Flat’s cable at 47” long, just an inch short of the advertised length, and still longer than Apple’s cable at the same price. It feels sturdy, and the flat design makes it easy to wrap up without tangling. The metal around the sheath beneath both plugs is a very nice touch, making Just Mobile’s cable feel more premium. And we measured its charging rate at a full 2.4-Amps, meaning it’ll charge any iPad, iPhone, or iPod at full speed. For these reasons, AluCable earns our strong general recommendation. We’d easily pick this cable over one of Apple’s at the same price, but the same functionality can be accomplished with lower priced cables.

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Company: Just Mobile

Model: AluCable Flat

MSRP: $20

Compatibility: All Lightning-Equipped iPads, iPhones, iPods

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