Review: Just Mobile Highway Duo + Highway Max


Debuted as sequels to Just Mobile’s earlier Highway and Highway Pro, Highway Max ($25) and Highway Duo ($40) are variations on the original “handsome metal-capped car charger” theme. Both of these new accessories allow you to charge up to two devices at once. Highway Max, with its two USB ports, is visually identical to the earlier Highway Pro, while Highway Duo has only one USB port, but includes an integrated Lightning cable.

Review: Just Mobile Highway Duo + Highway Max

Review: Just Mobile Highway Duo + Highway Max

Highway Max is a particularly good deal: it’s $15 less expensive than Highway Pro, yet more powerful, as both of its USB outputs now support 2.1A charging. Everything else—the colors, the materials, the size—is otherwise the same. Just Mobile continues to use plastic for the body, and very nice diamond-print metal for the portion that sticks out of the outlet. The only other difference is what comes in the package. Instead of a Dock Connector cable, it’s packed alongside a coiled micro-USB cord. This is obviously not as valuable as a Dock Connector or Lightning cable, but it is still useful for accessories; the price drop basically lets you self-supply an inexpensive cable of your choice.


Review: Just Mobile Highway Duo + Highway Max

Highway Duo’s USB port, on the other hand, only supports 1-Amp charging, while the captured cable puts out 2.1A. The cable looks identical to an AluCable that’s been permanently grafted onto the side of the charger. Other than that cable, it looks just like the original $35 Highway.


Review: Just Mobile Highway Duo + Highway Max

Review: Just Mobile Highway Duo + Highway Max

The difference in value between these two chargers primarily comes down to two issues: which devices you’d like to charge in the car, and if you have spare cables lying around. For someone who doesn’t have loads of extra cables, and isn’t concerned about juicing up two iPads on the road, Highway Duo is the right choice. The price differential between it and Highway Max roughly matches the price of a self-supplied Lightning cable, however, you give up higher-speed tablet charging on the USB port, for whatever that’s worth. It’s worthy of our strong general recommendation. On the other hand, users concerned about dual tablet recharging will find Highway Max to be a great deal, assuming they’re willing to self-supply cables. It’s the same beautiful form factor we loved last year, combined with even faster charging capabilities and a more aggressive price point. We highly recommend it.

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Company: Just Mobile


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Compatible: All iPads, iPhones + iPods

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