Review: Keeper v1.2 by Craig Lurey

Jesse Hollington
By Jesse Hollington  - Senior Editor
Review: Keeper v1.2 by Craig Lurey

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Keeper ($1) is a basic wallet app that takes a slightly more basic approach to password storage. Rather than worrying about customization of data types and fields, Keeper has only a single record type with no field customization.

Review: Keeper v1.2 by Craig Lurey

Each record consists of a title, two “secrets” and an additional notes field. There are no further categories, and no search feature. Other than a generic alphabetical record listing, Keeper provides a single other view of recently-accessed items.

Keeper uses a PIN-based (numeric) login screen, and would be a generally unremarkable application except for one feature: it incorporates an intruder lockout feature with a “Self-Destruct” feature.

After five incorrect passwords, Keeper will erase all of its own data—your secrets—from your iPhone, returning it to the same configuration as when it was first installed. The number of attempts cannot be customized, but the Self-Desctruct option can be enabled or disabled in the application’s “Tools” section.


Review: Keeper v1.2 by Craig Lurey

Unfortunately, like iSecret, Keeper doesn’t actually encrypt your data, leaving all of your “secrets” and even your PIN completely readable to anybody with direct access to your iPhone or your iPhone backups. In other words, a hacker’s better off not bothering to guess your PIN; it’s available just by connecting the iPhone a computer.iLounge Rating: F.

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Company: Craig Lurey


Title: Keeper

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

By Jesse Hollington Senior Editor
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