Review: Koi Pond version 2.0 by The Blimp Pilots

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There are two different zen pond applications for the iPhone, and though they look similar in screenshots, they couldn’t be more different. We’ve already covered Koi Pond ($1) by The Blimp Pilots, but version 2.0 is better. You can now have four types of nature sound effects playing independently or together in the background, enjoy day or night lighting for the pond, move lilipads, and toss food into the pond for the fish to eat with a shake of the device. The fish will jump a little for the food, and nibble on your finger if you leave it on the surface. While we’d like to see the water texture become a little better animated, and have even more control over the looks of the pond environment, Koi Pond is definitely becoming the gold standard for this sort of simulation on the iPhone OS. iLounge Rating: B+.

Review: Koi Pond version 2.0 by The Blimp Pilots

Review: Koi Pond version 2.0 by The Blimp Pilots

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Company: The Blimp Pilots


Title: Koi Pond v.2

Price: $1

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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